Excel Scroll Lock key is stuck- and how to unstuck it

When you find that you try to move your cell selected in Excel with your arrow keys and the spreadsheet scrolls instead of moving position this means you Scroll Lock key is on. Well most modern keyboards do not show the ScrLk key to toggle it off. If you press Win+Ctrl+O this will bring up the Windows on screen keyboard. You should see the ScrLk key is blue or “on”. Click the ScrLk button with your mouse and it will toggle off.

Oracle columns list and tables

Oracle has a great table that will give you some great meta data about your other tables and columns called “all_tab_cols“.


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[Updated] Not so angry IP scanner using Windows native tools

If you find yourself  a stranger in a strange land and you do not have admin privileges on your system and you want to see what and who is out there;  Here is a way to sweep the network using native Windows tools.

This Looks crazy to human eyes but I will break it down for you.
DOS version

Linux version


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