Keep a web page from timing out with AutoIT IE.au3

If you are using webmail or any other page that thinks it needs to log you out after just a few minutes (like it is the only thing you are working on).  Here is some code to help you keep a page alive indefinitely.


While the code below is the full script to allow for pausing and resuming the heart of this are two lines:




These two lines are the most important.  _IECreate launches an instance if IE and $oIE is the hook to send it commands.

There are lots more you can do like write a screen scraper (that is another story for another time)

[Updated] Not so angry IP scanner using Windows native tools

If you find yourself  a stranger in a strange land and you do not have admin privileges on your system and you want to see what and who is out there;  Here is a way to sweep the network using native Windows tools.

This Looks crazy to human eyes but I will break it down for you.
DOS version

Linux version

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