WMIC remotely find out who is logged into a system or what kind of system it is (pizza box?!?)

I needed to find out if a client has a laptop or desktop computer and the computer is on the network but the client was not available: Hmm. What to do, what to do! WMIC! first what is WMIC?

Microsoft says: WMIC extends WMI for operation from several command-line interfaces and through batch scripts

But it is also good for “one-offs”.  For instance I was able to use:

WMIC /NODE:[hostname] /USER:[domain\username] SystemEnclosure GET Chassistypes

after proving my admin password I got back a rather enigmatic {10}. what the heck does {10} mean?

1  “other”
2  “Unknown”
3  “Desktop”
4  “Low Profile Desktop”
5  “Pizza Box”
6  “Mini Tower”
7  “Tower”
8  “Portable”
9  “Laptop”
10 “Notebook”
11 “Handheld”
12 “Docking Station”
13 “All-in-One”
14 “Sub-Notebook”
15 “Space Saving”
16 “Lunch Box”
17 “Main System Chassis”
18 “Expansion Chassis”
19 “Sub-Chassis”
20 “Bus Expansion Chassis”
21 “Peripheral Chassis”
22 “Storage Chassis”
23 “Rack Mount Chassis”
24 “Sealed-  PC”

Yes i know “Lunch box”, Pizza Box”? whateves I got what I needed…..

P.S.  I also like this one:

WMIC /NODE:[hostnname] /USER:[domain\username] COMPUTERSYSTEM GET UserName

To find out who is logged into a system!


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